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With my nearly 32 years of experience of breeding shelties,
and the fact that I have owned shelties since I was 13 years old,
my knowledge of the breed is very broad and extensive.

I put very great weight on temperament and health. When I had subscribed
to the American magazine Sheltie Pacesetter for a year, I saw an advert in
a 1990 issue, about a blue merle champion male that was for sale.
I succeeded in
convincing the breeder to send the dog to Denmark. This dog

Am & Can Champion Rosewood US Marshall

 and the tricolour female Rosewood Royle Star,
became the beginning of my breeding on American bloodlines.

I have since then imported several American shelties to Denmark.
The American sheltie is a super well built dog with gorgeous movements,
and they don’t have the big problem with eye diseases, such as CEA & PRA.

The herding instinct lies very deep in the sheltie breed, which makes them
excellent family dogs and also great for agility and obedience.

You are always welcome to stop by the Kennel for an unbinding visit,
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